Skills Introduction: Overchoices

There are many ways to make money online and each has it’s default checklist of stuff you need to learn before you start. You can easily find now a map towards success already drawn out for your specific goals. I’m not saying these maps are incorrect but I think it’s pretty obvious they’re incomplete at best. If they weren’t then anyone could just follow the path and get there, everybody would find success. And yet we know that’s not the case. Maps are useful and you’ll get to learning to figure them out eventually but more important than that is how you use them. Information is power only as long as you understand how to use it.


In these fast-paced times we live in we are inclined to rely on formulas and checklists. When we go somewhere we rarely stop to think what road to take and when we do it’s only a choice between 2 options. We streamline our decisions to a process of remembering what we learned about the decisions of others. Some would argue that this is efficiency, others are going as far as to call it a modern plague. We like deciding for ourselves and most of us are perfectly capable analysing stuff around us and making sense of it. The problem though is that there’s just too much stuff around us. When there are too many things to choose from we tend to freeze and avoid making a choice at all. This is commonly known as overchoice.

Constant small steps

I bet that at least once in a while you too regretted not going on an incredibly simple track that would have made your life so much easier. Be it writing a few pages every day if you are a writer, coding for half an hour every day on your project if you are a developer. It doesn’t even have to be something as well defined as that. It could be about learning a foreign language, it could be about helping someone out. The Pareto principle states that 80% of effects come from 20% of the effecting causes. When it comes to learning or building something up, you do most of the work in a relatively short period of time, what takes a lot longer is mastering it but that’s another story.

Just push forward

Instead of gathering maps on what we’re set out to do, we might as well just start doing it, trusting our instincts. The maps are not going anywhere, they will always be there if needed for course correction. What is not commonly known is that most of these maps/guides/how-to focus on that final 20% area that gives you an edge in the subject. This is why these guides do not just work for anybody. Many people try to follow them step by step ignoring the essential 80%. Some of them are lucky, others already have or know some missing parts. But most will fight an uphill battle completely unprepared  and are doomed to give up sooner or later. Gathering information is useful but there’s also a point when by simply acknowledging the huge amount of information you don’t know incapacitates you. There’s plenty of time to figure how to get good and by the time you can put that information to actual use you might as well be far on that 80% that’s just getting moving.


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