The choices we make

There are many ways you can start earning money online. There are businesses you could invest in right now that would make you a millionaire in a year’s time. There are the small decisions, the choices you could make with a push of a button even today. Choices that are overlooked, understimated or even looked down upon by others, choices that could shatter to pieces the course of your life and build on top of that a new road, the road that you don’t even dare to dream for.

So what is the problem?

There isn’t one. You wouldn’t call not seeing the future a problem. You can’t hold it against yourself that you are not more that you can possibly be. And this here is the tricky part: making easy money online is not something you can just choose to do, it’s something you have to achieve. This achievement is not directly proportional neither with the number of hours you dedicate to it, neither the amount of information you absorb about it, it is not dependent on any predefined conditions.

It’s just something that clicks in your mind, a once random pattern that is now a clear shape which you can describe and recreate. But for that to happen you need first to overcome a few obstacles.

There are no money recipes on the Internet!

You are probably surprised that this site is not what you expected it to be. “Easy Cash Online”? There are hundreds of those sites, right? And then there are even more thousands of sites copying them, recycling the old exaggerations and myths to the point that they might fool you that there’s a whole science behind it. There’s not. You won’t find a how-to guide on becoming rich. Not a real one anyway, there’s probably an “Easy Cash Online” site out there selling exactly that.

Embrace the chaos.

When it comes to this, I think there are two types of people: those that prefer certainty and those that adventure in the unknown despite the fact that they prefer certainty as well. It’s the old problem of risk vs. reward. But the problem itself is not about measuring the risks or measuring the rewards, it’s about at the very least to be able to see them correctly. Most people will not see the reward in something until it strikes them in the face or until a couple of his of her closed ones get it first.

We as human beings need order and patterns to make sense of things, we are inclined to dismiss what we can’t comprehend as either chaotic or inconsequential. There were people laughing at the Internet when it happened. You would tell people that you were trying to make money off this new thing and they would laugh it out and treat you like a naive fool. There are things out there right now that are the future, that will shape the world as we’ll know it and you can be part of them for next to nothing.

You just need to keep your eyes open and think for yourself. When you’ll find about it from others it’s probably going to be already too late to get a piece of the reward.

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